I’m sorry I never told you

Okay people, hands up if you didn’t do all the things you wanted to do this year…

Alright…now that we are all here let us begin.


But first an apology

So I know I basically disappeared for a while and I am sorry I never told you. That I wouldn’t be as frequent on your news feed or as easy to find or come watch at events. 2018 has been too deep. Too real. Too next level. Too “is this really happening to me?” And man…it started out so well hey.


I had so many plans and so many ideas and concepts I wanted to see through and make happen and what instead happened was I went from one extreme to the next. I went from being really disheartened that life didn’t look at all like I hoped but then being revived with a desire to succeed and make stuff happen. I’m talking getting fit, getting abs, growing hair, doing solo shows, travelling and all that good stuff. Thats what this year was supposed to be.




Things just went south. And at such a rapid pace too. I was like that person we have all seen at the gym. You know that one who puts the treadmill on way too high of a speed and instead of slowing down, they hold on to the side bars but look like their about to literally faint and die, never too be seen again. Thats what life did to me this year. I was the woman losing her life to a treadmill.



Yes I went right back there again. The thing is, about 80% of the things I wanted to do got pushed to the sideline because there was always another urgent matter that needed to be dealt with. By the time I went to even try to think about some or other new idea I had, I was too tired to even remember how to spell my name and too uninspired to even put together a cool outfit to wear for the day. Life got that hard and while I do feel time was wasted (and robbed) from me I have come to the point where I will either continue be too scared to move cause I think I am too late or just move and see what happens.


Because the good news is this – for as long as we are alive there is still hope. There is hope for so many things for as long as the Lord continues to give breath in our lungs. So here I am, 10 months into the year, restarting, again. Doing the things I should have done months ago. And you know what, it’s alright. Praise God I have an opportunity to restart. And I sincerely hope that if you feel it is to late to try, that you have enough courage to recognise that that is a lie, to not wait for January but to start now. Even after reading this, if possible. Maybe start with finishing that proposal or sending that email.



Getting back up

So yes I am sorry I never told you. I get messages and posts asking where I am and what am I doing. I’ve been coping for a long time but its time to get back to the living and the doing so that’s what’s coming up from me.


Oh and also…some brand new music too 🙂

Much love millionaires!